After slow start, Armyworm numbers are on the rise

After slow start, Armyworm numbers are on the rise

By Luis Espino, Rice Farming Systems Advisor, Butte and Glenn Counties

The number of moths trapped went down due to the cold weather. But numbers are coming back up again, mostly due to increases of western yellowstriped armyworm. We are starting the season with much higher number of moths than in previous years. Keep a close eye on early planted rice that is out of the water or if you are draining for stand establishment.

I have asked locally to other advisors to see if there are infestations in other crops, but nothing so far. However, there are western yellowstriped armyworm problems in areas of western Canada. This is a long way away, but is the same area that saw heavy infestations of true armyworm in 2015, the same year our outbreaks started.

Here’s a link to graphs regarding armyworm trapping:

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