Weedy Rice Survey and Updated Armyworm Information

Weedy Rice Survey and Updated Armyworm Information

The UCCE Rice Team will soon carry out a survey of weedy rice across our growing region.
Fields with a recent history of weed rice infestations will be surveyed. Here’s a link to more information on this effort.

Meanwhile, here’s the latest on the Armyworm front:

Moth captures have come down. Worms are finishing their cycle. Most areas saw worm infestations that did not require a treatment. Pupae can be found lodged among rice tillers in areas with thick stands. Some pupae may fall into the water and drown, but some will survive and turn into moths.
The next stage to monitor for armyworms is heading. Armyworms can feed on branches of the developing panicle and cause blanking. We may see another peak of moth activity in a few days. During the peak would be the best time to check for worms again.For pictures of armyworm stages and panicle injury, visit the armyworm monitoring website.

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